Application Overview

Power utilities commonly utilize Gigabit-speed Ethernet systems in substations for automatic control, protection, remote maintenance and disturbance analysis. These systems are mission critical requiring ruggedized, redundant networks to ensure maximum system reliability.

Key Considerations

  • Industrial grade switches for protection against ESD and certified with EMI/EMC protection with overvoltage and overcurrent protection.
  • Low maintenance costs (OPEX) with remote management functions.
  • Auto-provisioning to update the firmware for the entire network, rather than only a single switch.
  • Precise synchronization as per IEEE 1588v2 to simplify integration of all functions.
  • Extensive management and filter functions with a variety of redundancy protocols and port security.

Key Volktek Benefits

  Feature Benefit

Redundant Power

Remains On During Power Failure

1) Built-in surge protection, dual power sources, and battery backup

2) Ensure stable device operations for 24/7 network reliability.

USB Port

Lower OPEX for Configuring and Upgrading

The USB flash drive port has multiple functions including 
- Upgrading undeployed switches
- Easily access for installation and upgrades
- System-config and local Syslog back-up


Link Redundancy

Fast Network Recovery

1) Rapidly react to physical link failure and recover immediately 

2) Provide an alternate pathy link to support continuous transmission.


Quality of Service (QoS)

Define the Critical Networks

1) Specific networks can be prioritized

2) Optimize the network performance and bandwidth utilization



Secure the Network by Authenticating the Users

1) Specify a whitelist of allowed MAC addresses, allowing only those devices to connect to the network.  

2) Limits the number of devices connected to a single downlink port known as Dynamic Assignment.

e-mail Alarm

Triggered Events Alert Via Email

1) Notify the administrator if real-time problems occur such as firmware or configuration changes, device status, link connectivity status, etc. 

2) Help administrators to quickly identify, isolate and resolve network issues.


Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)

Access Device and Network Information

Alert messages sent from a remote SNMP-enabled device to a center SNMP server.

Application Diagram




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