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Volktek Joins the Taichung Industrial Automation Exhibition 2020

2020-05-30 Events

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Heavy industrial sounds and machines filled the space at the Greater Taichung International Exhibition Center from July 22nd to 26th in an exhibition that explored the present and evolution of industrial automation in Taiwan. At this exhibition, you could find a diverse range of industrial equipment, industrial lights, large fans, networking devices, complete factory solutions, among others.


With the help of diverse technologies like the Internet of Things, smart computing devices, and algorithmic mastery, smart machinery has the potential to make production more efficient and safer for users while also saving costs. Smart manufacturing is a necessary transition for Taiwanese companies looking to expand globally.

Volktek at the Exhibition


Volktek, as a smart solutions provider brought to the exhibition ideas, devices, and bundle solutions for operation and management automation in the factory floor and other environments needed by a diverse number of industries. The products showcased at this venue were our:


Volktek Demo and Solutions at the Exhibition






IIoT Gateway Series for factory applications including forklift applications to use sensors for the protection of personnel. | The Lite Managed Switches and the Lamungan Monitoring and Management platform. | Industrial Grade Products with long-lasting performance, tested to resist the harsh environment and accidents.


Demo A: Lamungan Monitoring and Management Platform

For network monitoring and management, Volktek demonstrated a solution for users with limited knowledge of network switching and that need to work remotely. The solution offers a Wizard set-up assistant to walk users through a secure network after plugging the devices, as well as internet protocols that allow secure internet access and monitoring for those that need to work from home.

Demo B: Robot Arm Automation Solution

To help in factory production and automation, like production and packaging, but even cooking, robots are there to make everything easier and smoother. To work, robots need to be connected to the power, and also to a device layer – Volktek demonstrated its bundle of Network switches for factory applications with resistant hardware features and smart protocols to make them work.

Visit our Web and Discover More

Equipping your network with devices that are future-proofed is very important and Volktek understands that some people have the desire to excel and be ready for the future. Visit our website for more information about this exhibition, our solutions, and more, or contact us and we will help you to go forward.

The exhibition was a wonderful time for everyone to witness the power of imagination and how can we all create something out of ordinary. Smart automation in Taiwan and the world is more important than ever, and we brought solutions exactly for this purpose. 





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