Indoor Surveillance

Application Overview

Keep your private property safe using a fully-functional IP Security Camera system utilizing PoE+ powered devices (PD). Cost-effective, commerical-grade equipment is sufficient for indoor surveiallance applications.

Key Considerations

  • Dual AC & DC power supplies with power isolation circuit to protect against power-line voltage surges.
  • Redundant ring topology with millisecond scale network recovery to maximize network uptime.
  • Various ports to support different cable styles and network equipment.
  • IGMP protocol for multi-casting (ie. video transmission).

Key Volktek Benefits

  Feature Benefit
Reliability Front Power Access Easy Operation 1) Provide an easy method to connect power in the rack
Reliability Multi-rate Fiber Port Auto Uplink and Downlink 

1) Provide the multi-rate the speed of the network

2) Set the uplink/downlink speeds to optimize  the data transmission.

Availability Ring Redundancy Remains Connected

1) Rapidly react to physical link failure and recover immediately

2) Provide an alternate pathy link to support continuous transmission.

Performance Quality of Service (QoS) Define the Critical Networks

1) Specific networks can be prioritized

2) Optimizing the network performance and bandwidth utilization.

Performance Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Avoid Flooding Bandwidth

1) Monitors the IGMP traffic between hosts and multicast routers

2) Forward multicast streams only to the intended receivers

3) Conserve bandwidth and avoiding flooding of the entire VLAN.

Security Device Locking Last Mile of Protection The switch will not function in any network other than its configured 
Management Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) + TRAP Monitor remote Network 

1) Provide management of SNMP traps or alert messages 

2) Response and take action in the first step

Application Diagram




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